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Gang Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of seeing a gang

Gang Dream Meaning. To see a gang in a dream warns you of some kind of danger. It is possible that you will be a target for thieves that will want to rob you. That experience will teach you to take care of your things more carefully and to have a mace or some other kind of weapon that will help you defend yourself if you get attacked again.

Dreaming of reporting a gang to the police

This dream implies that someone will threaten you. You will probably get in a fight with someone who is doing something against your beliefs. You will warn them to stop, but they will not listen to you and they will be really rude to you.

gang dream meaning
Gang Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of witnessing a gang crime

When you see a crime caused by a gang in a dream, it means that you will fear for your own life. It is possible that you will discover some classified information that you can’t show to anyone. You will constantly feel like someone is following you and you will fear for well-being of people that you love the most.

Dreaming of being a gang member

To be a gang member in a dream means that you will do something that you disagree with. Other people will probably try to persuade you to act like that, but you will not have the strength to fight them, so you will give up under pressure. In the end, you will be sorry that you haven’t listened to your intuition and did what you thought was right.

Dreaming of your loved one being a gang member

If your loved one is a gang member in a dream, it means that you will have family problems. It is possible that someone from your family will hang out with bad people, or that they will enjoy in vices. You will try your best to reason with them, but your efforts will be in vain. Thanks to that situation, everyone in your family will be stressed out which will make you fight each other, instead of supporting one another and being united more than ever.

Dreaming of leaving a gang

This dream symbolizes a new beginning. You will probably move, get a new job, find new friends or go to college. It will seem to you that this is a chance to correct mistakes from the past and achieve something you have always wanted. You will not want to get back to old ways, so you will invest all your energy into upcoming challenges.

Dreaming of your loved one leaving a gang

This dream suggests that you will reconcile with a friend. It is possible that you have parted ways because of some disagreement which you will settle in the following period. You will realize how much you have missed each other and you will have a better relationship than before. You will be truthful about things you didn’t like in your relationship, in order to never repeat those mistakes again.

Dreaming of gang members being arrested

gang dream meaning
Gang Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of gang members being arrested means that you will prove that you are right regarding something. You will probably be accused of something you didn’t do, so you will do your best to find out who did it. Your true friends will help you in that situation because they will be sure that you are saying the truth no matter what. Many people will disappoint you because they will be quick to blame you without even listening to your side of the story.

Dreaming of gang members being murdered

This dream suggests that you will overcome your fears. It is possible that you will experience a stressful situation after which you will need therapy. You will slowly make progress by facing problems you have suppressed, even though they were burdening you unconsciously which made you unhappy.

Definition of a gang

Gang is an organization in which a group of delinquents are doing illegal things.

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