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To dream of a fortress
If you see a fortress in a dream, it suggests that you will be in disgrace to your superiors because of gossiping. Your colleague might put you in trouble, which will ruin your career. Many people from work will look at you differently after that event and stop respecting you as before.

To dream of climbing a fortress
If you dream of climbing a fortress, it symbolizes conflict. You will probably continue to work on yourself and make progress in every sense of that word, while your partner, colleague, or friend will stagnate. You will have nothing to talk about, and different opinions, interests, and beliefs will drive an even bigger wedge between you.

To dream of demolishing a fortress
When you dream of demolishing a fortress, it means that you will confide in someone. You are suspicious by nature, and you don’t like talking about intimate matters. However, you will feel the need to hear someone’s advice on how to solve a problem that bothers you. You will not regret that decision, and you will decide to be more open with some people.

To dream of being in a fortress
If you dream of being in a fortress, it suggests that you will find a place to be alone. You have probably gone through many stressful situations lately, and you need some time to recover. You will not want to see anyone because you will think about events from the past and learn from the mistakes you made.

To dream of getting lost in a fortress
If you dream of getting lost in a fortress, it implies that your mind is chaotic. You probably have many obligations that you don’t have time for. You can’t decipher what matters from what is unimportant, so your job, friends, or loved ones often suffer.

To dream of building a fortress
When you dream of building a fortress, it means that you have sympathy for others. You don’t judge because you can never know if you will make the same mistake as those people in the future. Many don’t find you interesting because it is easier to gossip than walk a mile in someone’s shoes and look at things from their perspective.

To dream about other people building a fortress
This dream means that you will meet an interesting person. They will amaze you with their level of tolerance and open-mindedness toward other people. You will wonder whether they are honest or only speak what others would like to hear. Over time, you will realize that they have inborn traits and a system of values they cherish that make them that way and that you would like to acquire.

To dream of renovating a fortress
Renovating a fortress in a dream means that you will have a demanding and responsible job. That can have something to do with your professional or personal life. Anyhow, you will need a lot of energy, time, and effort to finish it. You have to be patient and believe in yourself.

To dream of other people renovating a fortress
A dream wherein you see someone else renovate a fortress means that you are worried about a loved one. One of your family members, friends, or relatives has invested a lot of time and effort into one project, and you do not know if the results will be good. However, you need not discourage that person even more but give them support and hope that they will achieve their goal.

To dream about other people demolishing a fortress
When you see someone else demolish a fortress, it means that a stranger will confide in you. They will open up their heart to you, and you will wonder what you have done to deserve it. People know you as a loyal and reliable person and as someone always ready to hear others out and give constructive advice. It doesn’t surprise that even the people you don’t know feel the need to tell you about their issues.

To dream of setting a fortress on fire
Setting a fortress on fire in a dream symbolizes repressed anger. Someone probably hurt, insulted, or humiliated you, and you believe you didn’t react properly to it, so you have transferred that unpleasant event to a dream. That especially applies to people who are not prone to opening up to other people and who find such betrayals their personal failures.

To dream about other people setting a fortress on fire
A dream wherein you see someone else set a fortress on fire means that you will be the target of someone’s frustration. You will probably take a hit from someone you superficially know, even though you have done nothing to deserve it. That person will take out their dissatisfaction on you, but the worst you can do at that moment is to argue. You have to listen to what they have to say and then explain why you believe you are not the tree they should bark at with facts.

To dream of not being able to find the fortress’s entrance
When you dream of not being able to find the entrance to a fortress, it means that you can’t figure out what someone you care about is like. We are talking about a mysterious person that you never know where you stand with. You are probably secretly in love with them but are afraid to admit it because you believe it would drive a wedge between you. Patience is key to success in this case.

To dream of not being able to find the exit from a fortress
If you dream of not being able to get out of a fortress because you can’t find the exit, it means that your feelings confuse and scare you. You might like someone but don’t know whether to admit it or not. An additional problem presents the fact that the person in question already has a partner.

To dream of conquering a fortress
If you dream of conquering a fortress in a battle or war, it means that you have a secret admirer. We are talking about someone from your surroundings who has feelings for you but hasn’t admitted them yet. You might have already noticed that something is going on, but you have quickly dropped the idea of emotions. There is a chance that the person in question will soon tell you what is going on.

To dream of your enemy conquering your fortress
When you dream of losing a fortress in a war or battle, it symbolizes a breakup. Your partner might leave you. Another possibility is that your friend will realize that you don’t have anything in common and decide to cut every contact with you.

To dream about exploring a fortress
Exploring a fortress in a dream means that one event might bring you back into the past. You will start wondering if you have made the right or wrong decisions and have dilemmas about your next moves. You need not let doubts ruin your happiness. What happened has happened, and you can’t change the past. However, you can make sure to have a brighter future.

To dream of buying a fortress
Dreaming of buying a fortress is a sign that you have to cut down on expenses if you don’t want to face bankruptcy. You have started buying things you don’t even need, which can’t lead to anything good. You have to start saving up so that your future wouldn’t be uncertain.

To dream of inheriting a fortress
If you dream of someone leaving a fortress in inheritance to you, it means that you will find out the truth about something from the past. You will realize that you have lived in a lie for a long time. Some findings will shock or hurt you, but they will also open your eyes. You have to remember that history is the teacher of life, so there is no need to perceive all of it tragically.

To dream of hiding in a fortress
Hiding in a fortress in a dream means that your defense mechanism has gotten disrupted. You keep other people at a distance either because of inborn skepticism or bad past experiences. Anyhow, someone will manage to win over your heart, at least partially. That person will not have an easy job, but they will manage to achieve their goal.

To dream of hiding someone in a fortress
If you dream of hiding someone in a fortress, it suggests that you are overprotective of the people you love. You want to spare them everything that life carries with itself that is not pleasant or positive. However, you have to let them fight some of their battles alone.

To dream of getting tapped in a fortress
When you dream of someone locking you up in a fortress, it implies that you don’t feel free. You might be under the strong influence of your parents, partner, or even one of your friends. You don’t make decisions alone but listen to the instructions coming from that person. It is evident that you can’t put up with such pressure much longer.

To dream about locking someone in a fortress
Locking up someone in a fortress in your dream suggests that you feel the strong urge to make people love you. You probably believe you are losing your partner, so you desperately want to keep that person by your side. Another possibility is that you suffer from a lack of confidence and often wonder what people think of you. You have to work on those insecurities to have a better and simpler life.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen a fortress on TV or in person, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of a fortress

The fortress is a military building whose role is to protect the city.

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