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To dream of a fork
If you see a fork in a dream, it is a warning to be cautious at work in the following month. You might have too many obligations and not enough time to finish all of them. Your boss might get the impression that you are irresponsible because of it and that they can’t count on you. You have to write down what is important and make a plan of activities that you will deal with during the day.

To dream of eating with a fork
If you dream of eating with a fork, it means that misfortune follows you. You might go through a traumatic experience after which nothing in your life will be the same. You will have to be strong and think about the people you love because of which you can’t give up and retreat inward.

To dream about dropping a fork
When you dream about dropping a fork, it symbolizes rage. You probably disagree with colleagues, friends, or some family members. No one will want to deescalate the situation, which is why people from your surroundings will be uncomfortable and believe they have to decide whose side they are on. Even though you say you don’t care, you will treat the ones close to the person you are angry with differently.

To dream of washing a fork
If you dream of washing a fork, it means that you are too tidy. You often wash your hands, clean your house, and so on. Dust makes you see red, and everything around you has to be spotless. You feel like you have everything under control and run away from what truly bothers you that way.

To dream of a plastic fork
When you see a plastic fork in a dream, it means that you will have a picnic. You might organize a field trip in nature with your friends and bring food and other props. You will have a good time and be full of positive impressions.

To dream about other people eating with a fork
A dream wherein you see someone else eat with a fork can symbolize bad news. You might hear that one of your acquaintances experienced something bad. Another possibility is that you will find out that someone you are close to died. You will have a hard time dealing with it and need a lot of time to recover. Luckily, your friends and family will be of great help.

To dream of other people washing a fork
When you see someone else wash a fork in your dream, it means that you will work with a perfectionist. You will probably work on a project or finish a mutual task together. While you will make an effort to finish it as soon as possible, that person will slow you down, which is why you will wish that business never brings you together again.

To dream of a wooden fork
If you see a wooden fork in a dream, it means that you have to upgrade your knowledge about the job you do to be more productive. You still use outdated methods that don’t help you finish anything faster. You have enough room for improvement, but you have to make an effort to learn something new.

To dream of a silver fork
If you see a silver fork in a dream, it means that you will make progress but not as much as you have expected. Your boss will probably give you a raise, but the amount will not be even near what you have hoped for. Another possibility is that you will get a lower grade than what you believe you deserve on a test or exam.

To dream about a gold fork
A gold fork in a dream can have multiple meanings. If you dream of eating with it, it suggests that you think too highly of yourself. There is nothing bad in it as long as you don’t underestimate other people or treat them badly. If you see someone else eating with a gold fork, it implies that someone will try to humiliate you.

To dream of a broken fork
A broken fork in a dream symbolizes failure. You might realize that the idea or project you have been working on for a long time doesn’t bring results. You have invested a lot of effort into it, which is why it is not easy to give up on everything. However, it would be better to do it as soon as possible to be able to dedicate your time to something that will bring you more success.

To dream of buying a fork
Dreaming of buying a fork symbolizes some changes in your life. You might find another job, move in with your loved one, retire, etc. You will need some time to get used to new circumstances, but you will never regret some of those decisions.

To dream of selling forks
Selling forks in a dream means that you could soon put into action the idea that has been on your mind for ages. You probably didn’t dare to get into it, but you now realize that you have nothing to lose. The results will come for sure if you stay persistent and patient.

To dream about receiving a fork as a gift
When you dream of someone bestowing a fork on you, it means that one person from your surroundings wants to impose their ideas and ways of thinking on you. That can be an older family member or even your partner. You can listen to that person’s suggestions, but you have to make decisions about your next moves alone.

To dream of bestowing a fork to someone
Bestowing a fork to someone in a dream means that you need not meddle in other people’s lives even if you do it out of best intentions. You have to give advice when someone asks for it only. Everything else is a direct invasion of someone’s privacy.

To dream about stealing a fork
Stealing a fork from a shop in a dream means that a reckless decision could put you in danger. It is necessary to avoid impulsive moves in the following period, especially when it comes to risky investments.

If you dream of stealing a fork from someone else, it means that you are jealous. One person has everything you fantasize about, and you can’t forgive them for it. It would be better to look up to them to fulfill your dreams, as well.

To dream of someone stealing a fork from you
When you dream of someone stealing a fork from you, it means that you have to watch out for sabotage. One person from work probably wants to take over your job and will make sure to get it. They will not shy away from spreading lies about you and painting you as incapable to your superiors.

To dream about burying a fork
Burying a fork in a dream means that you will give up on something you love or enjoy. That can be something trivial, like candy, coffee, or vices, or it can be something important. You might realize that your partner doesn’t love you anymore, and you will let them get out of your life without drama and nasty words.

To dream of finding a fork
Finding a fork in a dream means that you will get a chance to make progress. Someone might see your potential and offer you a business collaboration. You need not dwell on it much if the conditions that person is offering are realistic and better than the ones you work in now. You might be afraid of new beginnings, but the results of changes might be really good.

To dream of losing a fork
Losing a fork in a dream means that you lack ambition. You have the potential to achieve much more than what you have at the moment. However, you don’t want to take risks or make an effort to get more. You might regret thinking that way over the years.

To dream about throwing a fork away
Throwing a fork away in a dream means that you will realize that you can’t finish one task alone or that you have a problem for whose solution you need help. You need not be vain or stubborn but ask for advice or suggestion from someone you trust or who has much more life and work experience than you.

To dream of someone throwing a fork away
A dream wherein you see someone else throw a fork away means that the person that refused to help you when you needed it will turn to you for help. You need not take revenge on them but show that you are a better person than them.

To dream of stabbing yourself with a fork
If you dream of stabbing yourself with a fork, it means that you are greedy. It is time to straighten your priorities properly and put the love of your family and friends before material values.

To dream of someone stabbing you with a fork
When you dream of someone stabbing you with a fork, it means that a specific situation will make you think about if you have made the right choices before. There is no point going back to it because you can never change what once was.

To dream about stabbing someone with a fork
Stabbing someone with a fork in a dream means that you need not rub salt on other people’s wounds but help them solve the problems that they got into. Saying I told you so has never helped anyone.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, eaten with, dropped, or washed a fork, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a fork

A fork is a piece of cutlery consisting of a handle and teeth used to pick up food.

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