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To forge something
If you are dreaming of forging something, that is a warning that you will have trouble in court. You might go the easy way and try to earn money illegally because of many negative experiences in the past. You will believe that you can get away with it too since everyone does it, so why you should be an exception. Thinking like that and reckless actions could get you in a lot of trouble and put into question the reputation and authority that you have built for years.

To dream of others forging something
Dreaming of someone else forging something means that your consciousness is restless. You have probably participated in something that you don’t agree with and that you would never do, but you had to promise that you would not tell anyone about it. That doesn’t have to be something related to crime, but a secret confided in you regarding someone you are close with. You will be uncomfortable every time you look them in the eyes, so they will notice that something is wrong. You will manage to keep that information to yourself and comfort yourself, saying that it is better to stay quiet about the harsh truth and live in a lie.

To forge money
If you are dreaming of forging money, that symbolizes a moral dilemma. You might wonder if you should risk your long-term effort, hard work, and a good reputation for short-term pleasure. Someone from your surroundings is probably trying to persuade you to do something, but you can’t look at the situation rationally and decide to say no.

To get accused of forging money
This dream is a warning to change your priorities and finally realize what true values are in life. You might be chasing wealth too much, neglecting your friends and family in the process. You believe that you can provide yourself with a safe and carefree future, and you are trying to do it as soon as possible. Because of it, you work a lot, and you don’t have time for those that love you. However, you should ask yourself whether it is more important for you to get rich or to have the support from your true friends and family members.

To forge your ID
When you are dreaming of forging your ID, it means that you are trying to be someone you are not in vain. You have changed for other people, so you often act as if you like something even when that is not the case. Your problem is that you want people to accept you at any cost, instead of loving you for all the virtues and flaws you have. In the long run, you will use your identity with such an attitude quickly, but when you finally realize that, it will be too late.

To forge your driver’s license
If you are dreaming of forging your driver’s license, that is a warning to be careful in traffic. You might make a serious offense by accident, or someone’s recklessness will jeopardize your life. Because of it, don’t drive when you are tired or drunk, and make sure not to make mistakes that could jeopardize your health as a pedestrian.

To forge a passport
If you are dreaming of forging a passport, it means that you are hiding something. You have a secret that you want to take to the grave with you. That can be a sin from the past that could change your image if other people found out, or it would hurt someone you care about. You can never be completely honest with those you love because of it, which is hard on you. However, you are aware of risks, and you will make sure that your secret never comes to the surface.

To get accused of forging documents
A dream in which the police, judge, or prosecutors accuse you of forging documents is a sign that you are trying too much to make people trust you. You often present yourself as a better employee than you actually are because of it. All of it stems from the insecurities that you want to hide by getting close to those that you can benefit from. If you think about it more, you will realize that you have taken a heavy burden on your back and that you will have a hard time carrying it around for a long time.

To forge a signature
If you are dreaming of forging a signature of someone you know, it means that you envy them on something. They might have a good job, beautiful relationship, or marriage, or they are more successful than you, in general. Instead of using them as your motivation to achieve as much as them, you find it easier to be bitter. You can’t hurt them like that, but you are making yourself feel even worst.

If you forge a stranger’s signature in a dream, it means that you will accept a business offer that is not in accordance with the law. You will take that risk on yourself consciously because you need the money. You could end up in big trouble because of the lack of experience with such things. Because of it, you should think about it twice before you do something that could ruin your future.

When you are dreaming of someone forging your signature, it means that you have an enemy or a rival. This can be related to your private or business life. If you are married or in a relationship, pay attention to who your partner is spending the most time with. Don’t accuse them of something because they are not guilty, but it is obvious that someone is trying to seduce them. If you have recently gotten a new colleague at work, there is a chance that they want your spot and that they will try to take it.

To get accused of forging signatures
This dream is the result of guilty consciousness. You might have done something that you are ashamed of. If that has anything to do with a close colleague or associate, you should apologize to them. You need to continue working with that person, so it will be awkward every time you see them if you don’t do it.

Another meaning is that you have promised something to someone, but you didn’t keep your word. You might have persuaded your friend to believe that you will help them with something important, but you had an ‘emergency’, so you couldn’t help them or even call to explain the situation. However, you have decided to text them later. No wonder that your consciousness is restless.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen someone forging something, or you did it, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a forgery

A forgery is a modification of an existing document or object or the creation of a new one with the intent to deceive or damage someone for money.

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