Earthquake Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Earthquake Dream an earthquake in a dream or in a dream book is a rare motif. Studies show that elderly people dream of it more often, no matter the gender of a dreamer. We are dreaming of earthquakes most often after we have experienced them. In that case dreams of earthquakes shouldn’t be interpreted.

Dreaming of observing earthquake without it causing damage

This dream warns you of some kind of danger or of decrease in self-confidence. On the other hand, this dream suggests that you should stay true to yourself and your intentions. Don’t listen what others have to say.

earthquake dream
Earthquake Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To see an earthquake destroying buildings

If an earthquake damages buildings or other property in a dream it means that you will have unplanned expenses because of your indecisiveness. You will avoid expenses by acting confidently.

To hear that an earthquake happened somewhere in a dream

This dream means that you will hear some news or information that will affect your already formed opinion.

Dreams in which you feel an earthquake

This dream symbolizes troubles at work or school. They are threatening to change your life completely. You can’t find peace that you recently had. This feeling of uneasiness will last a little longer.

To survive an earthquake

This is a good dream. It symbolizes good health and a long life. It is possible that you will overcome some problems that have been troubling you for a long time.

To die or be hurt in an earthquake

You will have to work really hard and invest a lot of effort in order to overcome problems in real life. No one notices your effort except you and no one will notice it after your problems pass. However, deep down you will know that you were able to solve problems by yourself.

To be buried in ruins because of an earthquake

This dream suggests that you will be buried with obligations regarding business soon. Your boss or a superior will refuse to decrease the amount of work and they will refuse to find you help because of which you will be unsatisfied. Your hard work will be in vain and no one will notice how many obligations you have.

To hide from an earthquake

It means that you will try to sweep some obligations under the rug in vain. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, they will always wait for you. If you are dreaming of hiding in door knocker that means that some business obligations will come and go.

If you are dreaming of running away from an earthquake on a field and away from objects it means that you will solve a problem quickly thanks to your imagination, even though others think you will need a lot of time for it. If you hide that you have done a job you will have some time for yourself. Dreaming of hiding from an earthquake in a basement or on top of a building symbolizes business failure, financial crisis or some other business inconveniences caused by your laziness and because you are avoiding existing problems.

Saving people from an earthquake

You will be solving someone else’s business problems. You won’t be glad because of it but you will solve problems successfully, so people will be grateful to you thanks to that. Time will come when those people will return you a favor. Someone thinks of you as of a generous and noble person.

To lose a house in an earthquake

You will experience injustice that might be done to you or someone close to you. You won’t be able to do anything about it. Even if you try, your effort will be in vain. An alternative interpretation of this dream is that your long-termed effort and hopes regarding business will collapse like a house of cards. You will not be able to understand how you haven’t noticed that you plan didn’t have good foundations and consequently future.

earthquake dream
Earthquake Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of predicting an earthquake

It means that the right people haven’t recognized your potential yet, which is why you still haven’t had your five minutes of fame. You have to continue working on yourself and waiting for the opportunity to make progress. You need not lose hope of managing to materialize your knowledge, skills, and rich experience.

To dream of experiencing an earthquake and tsunami simultaneously

This dream is not a good sign. It predicts a turbulent phase in your life. You will need a lot of patience and strength to overcome it. One is for sure; you will get stronger out of it than before.

To dream of an earthquake in a temple, mosque, or another place of worship

It implies that someone or something is disrupting your inner peace. You might have worked on having a life that you want to have, but some things still make you restless. You need not expect to solve that problem overnight because you need some time to deal with it.

To dream of someone pulling you out of the ruins caused by an earthquake

It means that you have a problem with your partner, family member, or work colleague. Your communication has probably been poor lately, and you can’t find a mutual language. You have to show compassion and readiness to compromise, and the other side will return the favor.

To dream that your loved one is trapped underneath the ruins

It means that the person in question has a problem that you know nothing about. You have been focused on your obligations lately, so you haven’t had time for the people you love. You have to pay attention to your family members, partner, or close friends and help that person overcome the crisis.

To dream of losing a loved one in an earthquake

When you dream of losing a loved one in an earthquake, it means that you are prone to panic. You can create a mountain out of a molehill and be incapable of looking at the situation objectively, so you come up with the worst possible scenarios for that unexpected problem. You have to change for the sake of your mental health.

To dream about saving the trapped in an earthquake

Saving the people trapped underneath objects in an earthquake means that you will have a demanding and responsible task. The success of the company you work for might depend on your results, as well as the faith of your colleagues. Another possibility is that you will have to tell the bad news to someone.

To dream of flying over the ruins caused by an earthquake

If you dream of flying over the ruins caused by an earthquake with a plane or helicopter, it implies that you will soon be able to see the bigger picture of the situation that confuses you. You have probably let your emotions overwhelm you and didn’t approach that issue rationally. You can hope for a positive solution if you give yourself time to think well about everything.

To dream of clearing out the ruins after an earthquake

Clearing out the ruins after an earthquake in a dream suggests that you will have to change your approach to the problem that has been bothering you for a long time. The methods you use will not bring results, and you have to start thinking about something else. You need not be afraid to ask for advice from a loved one. A different perspective can lead to good solutions.

To dream about other people clearing out the ruins after an earthquake

This dream means that a stranger might help you solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time. The person you see for the first time in your life might give you a hand, and you will become friends for life after it. Similar faiths have probably brought you closer, and if we are talking about someone of the opposite sex, you might even fall in love with each other.

To dream of reading about an earthquake

Reading about an earthquake happening somewhere in a book, newspaper, or magazine in your dream means that you believe some situations can’t happen to you. You are prone to judge other people for their decisions or actions, but you are not familiar with the problem that bothers them. It is easy to say that you would never do something when you don’t know what life can make you do.

To dream of writing about an earthquake

earthquake dream
Earthquake Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Writing about an earthquake in a dream means that you will get an unpleasant task. You might argue by defending one of your family members, partner, the company you work for, or boss. However, you need not take it too far because you could regret such a decision in the future.

To dream of reporting about an earthquake

If you dream of reporting about an earthquake as a journalist, it means that you are curious. Not only are you interested in some general things, but you also enjoy gossip. You often comment on other people’s decisions or actions with your friends, but you have to ask yourself how you would feel if you were the topic of such conversations.

To dream of watching TV or listening to a report about an earthquake

Watching TV or listening to a report about an earthquake in a dream suggests that you need not share the information you have recently gotten because it might be a lie. If it gets around that you started the rumor, you will lose the trust of the people whose opinions you care about.

In the end, lets mention, as we already have in the introduction, that if you have experienced an earthquake recently or even have heard of it on TV this dream shouldn’t be interpreted.

Definition of an earthquake

An earthquake is a seismic trembling and moving of the ground which can cause smaller or bigger damage to buildings and other objects.

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