SDreaming of Eating Something Sour – Meaning and Symbolism
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Dreaming of Eating Something Sour – Meaning and Symbolism

To eat something sour
When you are dreaming of eating something sour, it means that you will have an unpleasant visit. You will probably see a person that you didn’t work things out with regarding business, so you will blame one another for the financial problems that you are facing. You will realize that both of you will stubbornly defend your attitudes and that it will not be possible to reconcile with them.

To drink something sour
Dreaming of drinking something sour means that you are the cause of your misfortune. You probably rejected someone who had honest feelings for you and replaced them with the person that seemed more interesting and attractive at first. However, you will soon realize that you looked at them superficially and that you should have made a different decision.

To make something sour
If you are dreaming of making something sour, it means that you say everything that is on your mind. People see you as an honest person that speaks their mind even in some situations where it would be smarter to stay quiet for your own good. You can’t stand injustice, and you are doing everything in your power to fight for the things you believe are right. You don’t do anything half-ass, but you are trying to achieve all or nothing.

To have goosebumps while eating something sour
Sour food has that effect on most people, so it is not weird that you had such a dream. It suggests that you are always ready to justify someone’s reaction, move, or decision, no matter how much other people judge it. You are extremely open-minded, and you are not a slave to prejudices. You also can’t stand gossips.

To see others having goosebumps while eating sour food
A dream in which you see someone else having goosebumps while eating something sour means that you have done something bad, and now you are afraid that people from your surroundings will not approve of your actions.

To drink mineral water
When you are dreaming of drinking sparkling or mineral water, it means that you trust advice regarding your health that you find on the Internet or in magazines too much. If you think about it more, not all herbs can have superpowers that will make you healthy, young, and beautiful. You should be more skeptical when researching.

To drink yogurt
If you are dreaming of drinking yogurt, it means that your plan to earn money without investing a lot of effort will not work out. You probably wanted to finish one job as quickly and easily as possible, but things got a little bit complicated. However, look at it from a brighter side. You will gain precious experience for the future by solving this problem.

To eat sour cheese
A dream in which you are eating sour cheese means that you will figure out someone’s intentions on time and won’t let them trick you. You are someone who can recognize manipulators easily, so you don’t let anyone make you believe in fairytales and persuade you to do something that you don’t want.

To eat sour cream
When you are dreaming of eating sour cream, it means that someone will criticize your weight. Their words will hurt you, so you will start thinking about your body in a negative way. You can’t let one person’s opinion affect your self-confidence that much.

To eat pickled peppers
This dream means that spite is your driving force. When someone says that you can’t do something, that gives you the motivation to succeed in your intent. That might not be the healthiest way of thinking, but it is the most efficient, in your case.

To eat pickled cabbage
If you are dreaming of eating pickled cabbage, it means that you will be a mediator in a conflict between two people that you care about. Your family members might start arguing about something, and you will be their voice of reason. You will not have an easy task when participating in all of that, but you will realize that you need to do something if you don’t want the family relationships to get complicated.

To eat pickles
A dream in which you are eating pickles symbolizes health problems, unfortunately. You might go down with a virus that will put you in bed for a few days. Only then will you realize that you didn’t try enough to improve your immune system and that you have let stress, the lack of exercise, and bad nutrition put your body in terrible shape.

To eat sour apples
Sour apples in a dream symbolize bad business moves usually. Avoid big investments in the following period because they will not pay off. If you are planning to start your own business soon, it means that you should wait a little longer because the situation on the market is not the best at the moment.

To eat sour oranges
If you are dreaming of eating sour oranges, it means that you will become extremely distrustful to some people. That is probably the result of the disappointments from the past, so you don’t want to let people hurt you anymore. You might become completely closed off with time, which is not the best solution. You will have to let someone get closer to you since not everyone has bad intentions.

To eat a sour pomegranate
When you are dreaming of eating a sour pomegranate, it means that you are nervous because of something. Something unpleasant probably happened to you, so you went to bed thinking about it. Even though it is hard, try not to analyze everything that happened to you the previous day before you go to sleep.

To eat sour raspberries
Raspberries usually have something to do with the emotional life of those that dream of them. There is something that you don’t enjoy in your love life. If you have been in a relationship or married for a long time, there is a chance that your partner’s flaws have started to bother you. If you are single, you probably long for someone that you will be happy with.

To eat pickled eggs
Even though pickled eggs are not a widely known dish, they are a true delicacy in some pubs around the world. If you are dreaming of eating pickled eggs, it means that you are someone who likes to experiment, especially when it comes to food. You are a foodie, and you enjoy cooking. You often make meals with exotic spices and ingredients for your family and friends. You always give a chance to new dishes to fascinate you, but they disappoint you from time to time, as well.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently eaten or drunk something sour, that has made an impression on you.

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