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Cow – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Cow dream meaning

Cow is a rarely dreamt motif today in dream books, while it was one of the most common dreams only thirty years ago. The reason for such a downfall can be assigned to the people’s urbanization. Cows in dreams usually represent something positive, but in rare occasions they can have a negative meaning as well. If you have seen a cow recently or milked it, you shouldn’t interpret this dream.

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Dreaming of milking a cow

Dreaming of milking a cow means that you will get a heritage. It is possible that a member of your family leaves their whole property, which they worked for their whole life, to you. You will be honored with that decision but you will have great responsibility and hard work on your mind that you will have to invest in order to preserve and increase that property.

To see a cow in a dream

That symbolizes a short-termed happiness in everything. You are someone who quickly gets bored with everything they worked for. You are motivated until you find out that someone likes you back or until you get what you thought was impossible to reach. After that, your attention stops and you put all your efforts toward a new goal.

Dreaming of a fat cow

It symbolizes a fertile year. Most of your family members will become independent and they will continue their lives the way you want them to. You will not have a reason to worry anymore, so you will be able to devote your free time to things you always wanted to experience but for some reason didn’t.

Cow – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of a skinny cow

That symbolizes a meager year. It is possible that you will invest money in a job that will not bring you an even close amount of earnings you hoped for. You will not listen to people’s warnings, who will out of best intentions try to talk you out of making risks, but you will let your groundless desire for success take control over you.

Dreaming of a herd of cows

This dream symbolizes gain and success at any job you do. Everything you start will go as planned. It is a good time for business.

Dreaming of a bull

Search the meaning of a dreaming of a bull.

To feed a cow in a dream

A loved one trusts you. You will not disappoint them. Their faith in you is justified.

To give cows water

That symbolizes great generosity. You will be really helpful to some people that don’t expect help from you at all.

Cow – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To beat a cow

It means that you need to try really hard in order to achieve a business success or something that you wish to do but postpone for a very long time. You are postponing your obligations unnecessarily, since your hard work will greatly pay off.

Dreaming of running away from a cow

Someone is giving you a job offer but you don’t see or don’t want to see it since you don’t like the offer. However, there is a chance that a job is easier than you think.

Dreaming of being stabbed by a cow

It means that you will be involved in a job that is too hard for you. You will need to work really hard in order to achieve success at it.

Dreaming of chigoes on a cow

Someone close to you is using you, but you can’t see it. However, they are not doing it out of spite, but because they are used to have you around for everything they need. It is good to say NO sometimes.

Dreaming of cleaning around cows

This dream suggests that you will get rid of family worries soon. For those who feel restless, this dream suggests that they will feel better soon.

Dreaming of petting a cow

This dream symbolizes warm feelings toward your mother. It is possible that you miss her.

Dreaming of cows calving

This dream symbolizes some sort of planned gains. Everything will go as planned. An alternative ancient interpretation of this dream symbolizes a newborn in your close friend’s family.

People from this Dream book haven’t noticed any correlations between your thoughts or events and colors, because you usually dream of these animals the way you remember them form the past.

However, ancient dream books suggest that this symbolizes poverty and expenses, while brown cows represent gain. White cows symbolize wealth, happiness and joy, while multiple-colored cows suggest a good harvest.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen or milked a cow recently that has definitely made an impression on you.

Cow – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of buying a cow

It is a sign of a successful partnership in real life. Business collaboration with one person will give you a chance to earn a large sum of money. That can have something to do with your private life as well. You could soon meet a person that will quickly win you over, and you will want to marry them. Buying a cow in a dream symbolizes joy and happiness in the family for people that are already married.

To dream of selling a cow

It is a bad sign, and it often symbolizes financial losses. Bad business decisions that you have made in the past could backfire on you. The dream can be a warning to think twice before you make a decision. Maybe you should ask for advice from someone whose opinion you respect.

To dream of receiving a cow as a gift

It means that someone’s selflessness will amaze you. You will have a chance to talk to a person that puts their time, resources, and skills at the service of other people. That can be someone who loves charity work or who is engaged in political activism, or we are talking about someone who doesn’t see their profession as the means to make money but as life’s true calling.

To dream of bestowing a cow

It means that you will help a stranger. Someone will be in trouble, and you will not want to sit around not doing anything. You will do everything you can to give that person a hand. Your fight will give great results, and you will be proud of yourself. That person will be grateful to you for your selfless gesture for the rest of their life.

Cow – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To dream about stealing a cow

It is a sign that you have chosen the wrong path to success. You have probably done something that is not justifiable by any means in your wish to get rich as soon as possible or build a good reputation.

If someone stealing from you, that symbolizes big expenses. You will have more expenses in the near future than ever before. Your car or one of the house appliances might break down, or someone will invite you to a wedding, christening, or some other celebration, and you will have to buy a valuable and expensive gift. Only your ability to rationalize expenses and organize your budget properly will save you from going into bankruptcy.

To dream of watching a herd of cows

It is a bad sign. There is a chance that you will experience some unpleasant situations in the following period that envious people whose mission is to ruin your reputation in society or minimize your hard work will cause. However, if you continue to be cautious and talk to people that are not your friends carefully, you will be able to understand their intentions and stop them from putting them into action.

If you see someone else watching a herd of cows in a dream, it means that you will envy the wrong person. It probably seems to you that your friend or a colleague from work doesn’t have problems or that their worries are less serious than yours, but you are wrong this time. Even though that person is not complaining over their destiny and everything that doesn’t suit them, that doesn’t mean that everything is peachy in their life.

To dream of slaughtering a cow

It means that you will have to make a quick decision. One situation will ask for an urgent reaction, and you will have to be determined. You can’t be afraid of such things but believe in your intelligence, instinct, and judgment. If you make a decision based on your consciousness, the results will be good for sure.

A dream in which you see someone else slaughtering a cow is a sign that you want to blame someone else for the mistakes you have made. However, that person will see through your intentions and not let you do that.

To dream of a sick cow

It is a warning about the plan that could fail if you don’t do something about it on time. You can avoid one of your ideas, plans, or projects failing thanks to your actions.

To dream of hearing cows mooing

That symbolizes a temptation. There is a chance that you will end up in a situation that will cause a moral dilemma. You will probably wonder whether you should act the way you want or the way it is right. People who love someone else more than their current partner often have these dreams.

If you are in the same situation where you are thinking about cheating on your loved one, you should be honest and tell that to the person you are dating. It would be better to end that relationship to be with someone you like than lying to someone who trusts you and who has decided to spend the rest of their life next to you.

Cows can be in various colors in your dreams as well. We in a dream book didn’t notice the connection between your thoughts and events and the color because cows are usually the same color as the ones you have seen in real life in the past.

However, ancient dream books suggest that dreaming about a black cow symbolizes poverty or big expenses, while a brown represents gain. If you are dreaming of a white cow, that symbolizes wealth, happiness, and joy, while multi-colored cows in dreams symbolize a fertile harvest.

Definition of cows

A cow is grown female cattle.

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