Courage Dreams: Insights into Your Subconscious Mind

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Courage in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Courage is one of the most common motifs in dreams, just like fear.

To be courageous in a dream
If you are brave in a dream, that is a warning that someone will humiliate you in the real world. That person probably knows most of your secrets, so they will use them to present you in the worst possible light to other people and ruin your reputation completely.

Instead of sympathizing with you, they will forget that anyone can make a mistake and be weak, which is not the reason to judge someone so hard. Even though they have confided some things in you, you will not act like them and return the favor but cut every contact with them without the possibility of renewing the destroyed friendship ever again.

To dream of someone else being brave
Dreaming of someone else being brave means that you don’t fight for yourself. You probably let your family members make important decisions instead of you, painting you like someone who doesn’t know what they want in life. Your biggest obstacle is fear of failure that is stopping you from making progress and achieving your dreams. If your parents are strict, you feel like you are not good enough because you will never be a child they want.

Courage Dreams: Insights into Your Subconscious Mind

To be afraid of someone’s courage
When you are dreaming of being afraid of someone’s courage, it means that you are a conformist. You are someone who goes with the stream and avoids stating that you think differently than the group. Even when your ideas and attitudes completely differ from someone else’s, you will not say that publicly. You believe that you can achieve the social status and position you want only by doing what the majority does. Ask yourself if it would pay off to sacrifice your identity for the things you want.

To be amazed by someone’s courage
This dream means that you will meet someone who will fascinate you with their views on life, opinions, and beliefs. They possess all the qualities you would like to have. Their way of thinking will make you start looking at things from another perspective, which will be a lot more positive, so you will want to spend as much time as possible in their company. If they are of the opposite sex, you may even fall in love with them, but the feeling will not be mutual.

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To congratulate someone on courage
If you are dreaming of congratulating someone on courage, that symbolizes jealously and envy. Someone close to you has achieved in life everything you have always fantasized about. They have a better-paid job, a partner that loves them, dream home, or something else that is unavailable to you. Instead of seeing them as your role model and the proof that everything is possible, you envy them a lot. If you change your priorities and get rid of those negative feelings, your wish may come true one day as well.

To be rewarded for your courage
A dream in which someone rewards you for a courageous deed symbolizes your strength to finally face your biggest fear. There is something you are truly scared of, but you didn’t have enough motivation to change it until now. Someone secretly in love with you will probably help you with that. Their attention and support will mean a lot to you, but your relationship will never be more than friendship.

To dream of being congratulated on courage
If a stranger congratulates you on courage in a dream, it means that you will finally get rewarded for the effort and hard work you have been investing in something. Your superior may increase your salary or offer you a better job position. You will realize that your persistence is stronger than other people’s prejudices, and you will prove to everyone how much you worth. However, don’t let yourself spend your whole life justifying your actions and proving yourself to others. Do what you love the best you can, and don’t pay attention to other people’s criticism and provocations.

Courage Dreams: Insights into Your Subconscious Mind

To brag with your courage
When you are dreaming of bragging with your courage to other people, it means that you have many complexes that you are trying to hide. You often present yourself better than you actually are, and you get truly offended when someone criticizes the things you do or the decisions you make. It is important to you that everyone loves you, even though you know that something like that is impossible. Instead of investing so much energy in creating an ideal image of yourself, you should work on your traits that are not so ideal.

To dream of not being brave enough
If you are dreaming of not being as brave as some people believe you are in crucial moments, it means that you will shock, surprise, or disappoint people close to you with your actions or decisions. Everyone believes that you are a fearless person who fights for themselves and the people you love. However, you will break in a moment when you will have to be the main support for your loved ones. You will just show that you are only human and that other people have idolized you too much.

To dream of your courage jeopardizing your life
This dream is a warning that you shouldn’t make impulsive decisions, even though some situations will require a quick reaction. Give yourself some time to think before you do something that you will regret later. Be careful when planning to take a loan. Read every point of the contract and sign it only after you are sure that you understand everything. Otherwise, this decision could cost you a lot in the future.

Courage Dreams: Insights into Your Subconscious Mind

To die courageously
A dream in which you lose your life because of a courageous deed suggests that you will experience a deep and peaceful age. Even though you sometimes believe that you don’t have enough strength to do anything, a change of habits that affect your health negatively will bring you a more quality life.

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To dream of others dying courageously
If you dream of someone dying because of their bravery, it means that you idealize that person too much. You have assigned supernatural traits to them, and they are superheroes in your eyes. You will be completely disappointed after they do something you will not like. Take that as a warning to stop looking for an idol and start making decisions based on your consciousness and judgment.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you or someone close to you has done a courageous deed recently, that has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of courage

Courage is a basic virtue that includes a strong desire to fulfill some obligations despite obstacles.

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