Cod – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To see cod
Dreaming of cod warns of worries. In the following period, you will face financial difficulties because of unexpected expenses. You will probably have to remodel something in your house that you have been postponing for a while, because you didn’t have enough money before. You will even spend more that you’ve planned, so it is possible that you will end up in debt. Some things that you will buy are not a necessity, but you will want everything to be perfect.

To eat cod
Eating cod in a dream implies that someone close to you will get sick. It is possible that they will have a routine intervention that is not highly risky. However, you will still be scared, so you will try not to neglect that person, in spite of many obligations that you have. The situation will make you take care of the quality of your life more, so you will decide to do a checkup that you have been recklessly postponing for a long time.

To catch cod
Dreaming of catching cod means that you will fight for something that will bring you unexpected worries. It is possible that you have been fighting for a long time to prove someone that you are the right person for them. You were fantasizing of living a fairy tale with them, but the reality is much different and pretty ruthless. You will have to get used to their bad traits and try to be more realistic.

Dreaming of small cod
Small cod in a dream symbolizes happy love moments. It is possible that your partner will pleasantly surprise you. If you are single at the moment, you might meet someone who will sweep you of your feet at the first sight.

A flock of small cod means that you have a powerful enemy. It is possible that they are trying to take over your job or even your partner.

To see big cod
Big cod in a dream symbolizes good health. If you have been stressing over a loved one, you will soon find out that their condition is not as bad as you thought it was.

A flock of big cod suggests that you will experience many events that you couldn’t plan out. You will have to make certain decisions quickly, which will be hard on you, since you are used to having enough time to think about everything well.

Raw cod
Dreaming of raw cod means that in the following period you will be successful in everything you do. Your job skills will be on point, so your colleagues will praise you for it, while after a long time, you will be fulfilled in your love life as well. If you are single or unemployed, this is the right time for finding both a job and a partner. Accept your close friend’s offer, because something else could come out of that business deal.

Dreaming of smoked cod
Smoked cod in a dream suggests that you miss a family member or spending time with them, in general. Many obligations are probably keeping you from being with people you love, so you can’t remember the last time you were all together, enjoying and hanging out. Since your family means a lot to you, find time for them, because it will help you charge your batteries and face future challenges easier.

To make a cod dish
Dreaming of making a cod dish implies that you need more attention. It is possible that you have distanced yourself from a partner or you have been lonely for a long time. Anyhow, it would be a lot easier to face with some problems, if you had someone to share them with. You can talk to your friends about it, but that is not enough for you. In order to influence your love life, you will have to accept that compromises are very important in every relationship.

Cod in the sea
Dreaming of cod swimming in the sea means that you are someone who enjoys their freedom. You don’t like being chained or smothered. You are trying to perceive work as a way to make money, so you are not stressing too much over it. On the other hand, you are observing relationships in the same way, which is why you are single. Many people can appreciate your freedom to an extent, but you need to know that they expect something in return, as well.

Cod in an aquarium
Dreaming of cod in an aquarium means that you could decide to move soon. It is possible that you have been thinking about it for a long time, but you’ve always found reasons to stay. Now is the time to do it, because you feel like you have nothing to wait for anymore. If you think that decision is the best for you, don’t pay attention to opinions of people from your surroundings.

To buy cod
Buying cod in a dream means that your subconsciousness is telling you to discipline yourself. You are not ready to give up any personal pleasures, even though they are affecting your health negatively, for sure. You know that you need to change your habits, but you simply don’t have enough will to make a cut. You are usually a hard-working person who doesn’t have a hard time with giving up on something because of work, but you can’t do it with alcohol, fast food or cigarettes. Try to include more physical activity in your everyday life, because your body will thank you for it.

To sell cod
Selling cod in a dream suggests that you are extremely dissatisfied with your current job or earnings. You think that your boss is using you, while not being able to reward you for your work and effort. If you haven’t tried to change that, you don’t have the right to complain. If your negotiations don’t result in success, simply find another job.

To bestow cod
Dreaming of bestowing cod to someone means that you will get a chance to travel somewhere. It is possible that a family member or a friend will invite you to visit them abroad. You will accept the offer gladly, since you desperately need a change. You will probably be sorry for having to return home, but you will not have a choice.

To receive cod as a gift
Dreaming of receiving cod as a gift means that you have a secret admirer. Someone likes you for a long time, but they are afraid to make the first move. It is possible that they are a proud person, or that you are taken. If you would have given them one signal only, they wouldn’t think about approaching you twice. It is possible that you’ve noticed their strange behavior when they are around you, but you have decided to ignore it. If you like them, there is no reason for you not to make the first move.

To dream of swimming with cod
Swimming with cod in a dream symbolizes bravery. Not many things can scare you or get you off track. You possess enormous mental strength, which is why people often ask you for advice or suggestions when they end up in trouble. You always know what to say and how to help, which is why you can say that you have many honest friends.

To dream of other people swimming with cod
If you dream of someone else swimming with cod, it implies that fear of getting out of your comfort zone stops you from making progress in your career, job, or life. Only when you are ready to risk it for a better future will a change for the better happen. You will only nibble at life until then and have to be satisfied with the crumbs you get.

To dream that a cod bit you
If you dream that a cod bit you, it means you are prone to panic. When something unexpected happens to you, you get hysterical. You don’t see the solution but are unable to listen to suggestions that other people give you. If you want to protect your mental health, you have to change.

To dream that a cod bit someone else
When you dream that a cod has bitten someone else, it implies that someone’s behavior will get you off track. You don’t like people who exaggerate anything, even when it comes to love and care. You like it when they let you find a solution to a problem on your own instead of complaining or pitying you. You will make sure not to say anything, but one situation will make you upset.

To see a fishing net full of cod
A dream wherein you see a fishing net full of cod is a good sign. Such dreams symbolize success in your personal and professional life. You might get a lot of money soon. Your boss might increase your salary or give you a stimulus check for the effort and hard work you put into your job. Another possibility is that you will get a prize in a game of chance or inherit something valuable.

To dream about stealing cod
Stealing cod from a marketplace in a dream suggests that you need not build your happiness on other people’s misery because it will be short-lived. Everything founded on shaky legs will collapse sooner or later, no matter how much you invest in walls, the roof, and the interior aesthetic.

To dream of other people stealing cod
If you dream of someone else stealing cod, it implies that you will hear something surprising. We might be talking about gossip related to your acquaintance. You need not spread it further because there is a chance that the information you heard is false.

To dream of someone feeding you cod
If you dream of someone feeding you cod, it means you expect too much from your loved ones. You are used to having your parents, partner, or even friends solve your problems. While they are making an effort to get you out of trouble, you sit still and complain. You will have to correct your behavior since you are a grownup.

To dream of feeding cod to someone
Feeding cod to someone in a dream suggests that you will finally learn to say I can’t, I don’t want to, or I will not. You have neglected your obligations, wishes, and needs because of other people lately. You have to stop putting yourself at the service of others so that you don’t wake up as an unhappy and dissatisfied person one day.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have eaten cod or went fishing, that has made an impression on your subconsciousness.

Definition of cod

Cod is a marine fish from the family of Gididae. It is considered to be one of main dishes in Mediterranean cousin.

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