People who have kids have dreams about kids more often than others, while women dream of them more than men. These dreams shouldn’t get mixed up with dreams about babies or adolescents.

To feed a child or see them eat
If you are dreaming of feeding a kid, that warns of family worries. You may often think about the future that is expecting you or your family members. If you have children, you are trying to provide them with the best living conditions, and you put their needs and wishes before other obligations.

To see a kid playing
When you are dreaming of a child playing, that symbolizes family peace. All of your family members will be understanding of each other in the following period. You will stop paying attention to the things that caused conflicts but enjoy harmonious relationships that will be present in your home.

To dream of children playing
If you are dreaming of kids playing, that symbolizes happiness and prosperity. You will experience positive things and events in your life in the following period.

To play with a child
Dreaming of playing with kids means that you are happy in your marriage or relationship. You are trying to make every day that you spend with your loved one a little bit different. You like going to the movies or theaters, taking long walks, or going to romantic dinners. You have enough time to dedicate to both business and private obligations since you are well-organized.

To dream of a child’s hug
Dreaming of children hugging you suggests that someone close to you needs your protection and help, but you don’t notice it. However, you are not doing it on purpose.

To hear a kid crying
A dream in which you hear someone’s child crying symbolizes unrealistic goals. You have set too high goals, and you can’t achieve them. You need to be more composed and grounded.

To have a toddler
If you are dreaming of having a toddler, it means that you have true friends. You believe that you are lucky because people that you can always count on surround you. You enjoy every moment you spend with them because you can always learn something new from them.

To dream of someone else’s kid that you know
If you are dreaming of someone else’s child, that warns of a verbal conflict with a loved one. There are many malicious people in your surroundings who can’t wait to tell you all about unchecked rumors they heard just so that they would cause problems in your relationship or marriage. Instead of talking to your partner about it, you will accuse them of cheating on you.

To dream of having a lot of kids
When you have a lot of kids in a dream, it means that you are worried. You have invested a lot of effort in achieving your goals and being where you are today. You know that being in such a situation carries a lot of responsibility, so you often wonder if you would be better off if you didn’t so ambitious. You wouldn’t change your life for anything in the world, but you often ask yourself what you got yourself into.

To be a child
If you are dreaming of being a child, it means that you miss that part of your life subconsciously since you were carefree and without problems.

To dream of an orphan
Dreaming of an orphan symbolizes prosperity. The situation regarding both your private and business life will be favorable in the following period. You will succeed in achieving everything you want without anyone’s help.

To dream of a healthy child
If you see a healthy kid in a dream, that symbolizes peace in your home. Your family is the most important possession for you, and you are ready for many sacrifices to keep it untacked. You do everything you do to provide a better and nicer future to your family.

To dream of a sick child
When you are dreaming of a sick child, it means that you have problems in the family. Your partner probably doesn’t understand your needs, which leads to conflicts. If you live with yours or their parents, you will need a lot of strength to stay immune to the pressures they are creating.

To hear kids singing
If you hear children singing in a dream, that symbolizes happiness and prosperity. Positive things and events are expecting you.

To dream of a child dying
A dream in which you hear or see a child dying symbolizes great turmoil within you. You worry about various things that are not under your control too much. Do a favor to yourself and relax.

To talk to a child
If you are dreaming of talking to a kid, it means that you should listen to a piece of advice that an elderly person gave you. Don’t rush with anything but think things through before you make an important decision.

If someone else in your dream is talking to a child, it means that one of your family members will accuse you of being irresponsible and immature. You will disagree with their statement, so there is a chance that this family conversation will turn into a fight. Be careful not to say something you don’t mean in the heat of the moment.

To argue with a child
When you are dreaming of arguing with a kid, it means that you will do the same thing in the real world but only with a grownup. You will argue with someone who will not have the will to listen to you, but they will defend their attitudes and opinions fiercely. No matter what you say, know that it will not affect them at all. Get out of that argument before it becomes heated to save your nerves.

A dream in which you see someone else arguing with a child symbolizes the lack of understanding in your surroundings. You are currently in a phase when you feel that people judge you for no reason. You believe that the whole world is against you, and you don’t have anyone that you could share with how you feel. Luckily, you will not be in that torturous situation for long.

To babysit a child
If you are dreaming of babysitting a kid, it means that you lack peace. You may be going through a turbulent period in life. You probably have many worries and obligations, so you don’t have time for yourself to rest. That could cause serious health problems in the long run. Make sure to reduce the amount of stress you currently feel.

Dreaming of someone else babysitting a kid symbolizes the lack of trust. Some people have probably disappointed you, and now you have a hard time confiding in them or making business deals with them. This only shows that you are overly cautious at the moment.

To beat a child
If you are dreaming of beating a child, it means that you are not satisfied with your business life. You probably do something you don’t like, so you are taking all the frustrations on your loved ones. If you don’t want everyone to resent you, make sure to change a job.

A dream in which someone else is beating a child means that you will make sure to help someone in crisis. Your work colleague may get fired, and you will try to help them to find a job using your contacts and connections.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently had a child, or it is your job to take care of them, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a child/kid

A child is a descendant of humans.

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