CCarnations in a Dream. Meaning and Symbolism
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Carnations in a Dream. Meaning and Symbolism

Carnations in a Dream. Meaning and Symbolism. If you see a carnation in a dream, that symbolizes upcoming joy. Your work colleagues might be more respectful to you than ever before. All of them will be aware of how much you mean to them, so they will make sure to make you feel good in their company so that you would stay in the firm they work for as long as possible and forget about good offers from the competition.

To receive a carnation

Dreaming of getting a carnation symbolizes impossible love. You probably have feelings for someone who did something that you can’t forgive them for. Despite all the pleads and promises that they will not repeat the same mistake, you will stay true to yourself and not let your heart deceive the reason and contribute to making bad decisions, no matter how hard that will be for you.

carnations in a dream
Carnations in a Dream. Meaning and Symbolism

To cultivate carnations

When you are dreaming of cultivating carnations, it means that others don’t appreciate you enough. There is a chance that your partner is criticizing everything you do, while they often don’t notice the small signs of affection with which you are trying to make them feel better and show them how much they mean to you. It seems to you that they always have more time and patience for other people, while they don’t even want to go for a walk with you.

To pick carnations

If you are dreaming of picking carnations, it means that you will make sure to take what belongs to you from life. You are an optimist by nature, and you don’t like those who are always complaining about their life. Instead, you spend your time thinking about how you can improve it. You have a healthy outlook on things, so you will achieve success without a doubt.

To see others picking carnations

A dream in which you see someone else picking carnations symbolizes rivalry and competition. Someone from work or even your private life wants something that belongs to you. You can’t know if that is your career, job position, or a loved one at the moment. However, if you start paying attention, you will soon realize who they are. Don’t let some unimportant people ruin your happiness.

To buy carnationsDreaming of buying carnations means that you doubt someone’s loyalty. Your friend probably told you something recently that made you start doubting them, even though you could have sworn that they would never do anything to betray you. Don’t be too paranoid because you could accuse an innocent person of something horrible. If you find proof to back your doubts up, that is a sign that you should distance yourself from such people.

To sell carnationsIf you are dreaming of selling carnations, it means that you are a hard-working person. You don’t mind doing anything if you can support yourself and your family financially. Of course, you don’t get involved in illegal or immoral businesses, but everything else is an option for you. You are trying to teach your kids that as well, in hopes that they will become good, honest, and hard-working people in the future.

To bestow carnations to someone

If you are dreaming of bestowing carnations to someone, it means that you are trying to hide that you like someone. You are doing that because you are afraid of other people’s reactions to your wish to be with that person. Because of it, you are secretly watching their photos and trying to avoid talking about them. You shouldn’t give up on your own desires because of other people’s opinions. Your life is yours only.

carnations in a dream
Carnations in a Dream. Meaning and Symbolism

To throw carnations awayWhen you are dreaming of throwing carnations away, it means that you are too proud to forgive anything to others even when they make the smallest mistake. You rarely let people who have betrayed your trust stay in your life. Instead, when someone hurts or offends you, you cut them out of your life forever. Because of it, you have chased away many people who love and respect you permanently.

A bouquet of carnations

Dreaming of a bouquet of carnations symbolizes a surprise. Your life could go into a completely different direction from what you have expected, but not in a negative way. Accept every chance you get because you never know what can come out of that.

Wilted carnations

If you see a wilted carnation in a dream, that doesn’t have a positive meaning, unfortunately. It usually symbolizes an end of a friendship or love relationship. It also suggests that your life will soon become poorer for one person who meant a lot to you in the past.

Pink carnations

When you see pink carnations in a dream, it means that someone will show you great gratitude for your actions. You might do a favor to a complete stranger, which will make your reputation even better.

Yellow carnations

Yellow carnations in a dream suggest that your loved one will disappoint you. One of your loved ones will hurt you with their behavior or say something offensive. You will completely change your opinion of them after that.

Red carnations

Like most other red flowers in dreams, red carnations symbolize love and passion. A lot of beautiful moments with your loved ones are expecting you. However, if you are single at the moment, there is a chance that you will have a one-night stand with someone who you have never thought of in that way.

White carnationsIf you see, receive, or bestow white carnations in a dream, it means that you will meet someone who will amaze you with their kindness and honesty. You will perceive them as a child trapped inside the grownup’s body. Their naivety will surprise you, but you will soon feel something for them because of the good traits that they possess.

Purple carnations

Purple carnations symbolize spiritual and mental changes. One of your close friends will jokingly say that you have become a different person, and you will start to analyze your behavior and realize that they are right. Don’t be surprised since scientists say that people change every seven years. Think about how many times your beliefs, attitudes, and opinions have changed during your lifetime.

carnations in a dream
Carnations in a Dream. Meaning and Symbolism

Stripe-flowered carnations

When you see stripe-flowered carnations in a dream, that can symbolize regret or rejection. Your wish to get into a relationship with someone you like for a long time will probably not come true for you.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen, received, or cultivated carnations, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of carnations

Carnation is an herbaceous flowering plant from the family of the same name, whose name translated from Greek means divine flower.

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