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Cage Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Cage dream meaning

If you see an empty cage in a dream, it means that you will get rid of useless worries. You might be hypersensitive, which makes you exaggerate every problem and always find excuses to be in a bad mood. You will realize that such an attitude will not take you far because you will not be able to fix every unjust deed or change the things that don’t depend on you despite your great desire.

To dream of a bird in a cage

Dreaming of a cage with a bird in it means that you will find a similar partner. You don’t believe that opposites attract, but you are trying to surround yourself with people who share similar interests like you. You and your loved one will understand each other, which will clear your relationship of fights and arguments caused by the lack of initiative among partners to talk openly about everything.

cage dream
Cage Dream Meaning and Interpretation

To be in a cage

It symbolizes powerlessness. You probably often feel like you don’t have control over your life, which makes you accept the conditions imposed by others. Despite dissatisfaction, you will be in a status quo and wait for a miracle to happen to make you snap out of lethargy or fight for yourself.

To escape from a cage

It means that you have the need to change. You might have made decisions that you didn’t like because of other people. Because of it, you can’t say that you are happy. You have sacrificed yourself by pleasing others, and now it the time to change that. If you start being courageous and persistent, you will achieve what you want for sure.

To dream of others trapped in a cage

It symbolizes danger usually. If you see people that are trying to escape from a cage in a dream, it means that you will face big challenges and risks. You will have to make some difficult decisions. The following period will be stressful, so pay attention to the way you deal with stress so that it wouldn’t affect your health negatively.

To let a bird out of the cage

It means that you will disappoint someone or break their heart. You might end a relationship with someone who still has strong feelings for you. On the other hand, dreaming of letting a bird out of the cage means that you will finally let your children grow up and become independent if you are a parent.

A dream in which you see someone else letting a bird out of a cage means that you will get out of a toxic relationship. You have been feeling trapped in that relationship for too long, but you couldn’t figure out what you actually want. It is time for big changes in your life.

To see a wild animal in a cage

It symbolizes your superiority over your enemies and rivals and your victory over problems and trouble. However, if you dream of being trapped in the same cage as that wild animal, it means that you should give up on an upcoming trip. Now is not the right time to travel since you could face a lot of big problems.

To let an animal out of the cage

cage dream meaning and interpretation
Cage Dream Meaning and Interpretation

It means that someone close to you will accuse you of being irresponsible and immature because you will make some decisions that they will not like, so they will think that your actions are selfish. However, they will not even try to understand why you did those things or want to listen to your side of the story. Wait for the emotions to calm down, and then try to talk to them. Otherwise, you will fight even more.

To buy a cage

It implies that you are too jealous and demanding with people that you love. You always expect them to be there for you, give you attention, and listen to your problems. However, you are not even trying to find out how they feel, what is bothering them, and what they are doing. You are losing friends because of it, while your family members are avoiding to talk to you. You should remember that you are not alone in the world and that you sometimes need to give to get something in return.

To sell a cage

It means that you will lose a loved one. Someone that you could always count on will decide to move to another city or state. You will be happy for them, but sad at the same time since that means that your relationship will end. Phone calls are quick, cheap, and simple nowadays, but nothing can replace talking in person. However, don’t look at everything so negatively. You have a chance to enrich your life with new and interesting people that will definitely fill the void that you feel at the moment.

To bestow a cage

cage dream meaning and interpretation
Cage Dream Meaning and Interpretation

If you are dreaming of bestowing a cage to someone, it means that you are hiding your feelings for someone. Those feelings can be either positive or negative, but you don’t want to admit that you have them since that could change the relationship with many people. You will put up even with those people that don’t suit you in anything for friendships with others.

To receive a cage as a gift

Dreaming of someone giving you a cage as a gift means that you accept compromises too quickly. You are ready to sacrifice yourself for others, but you are neglecting yourself. You should ask yourself if you are making a mistake in the long run since you are getting more unhappy each day while you are bringing joy to others.

To steal a cage

When you are dreaming of stealing a cage from someone, it means that you will do a good deed. You might help a stranger to solve a big problem. If you are dreaming of stealing a cage from a shop, it means that you will embarrass your family. You will shock, disappoint, or sadden your loved ones with some actions or decisions.

Dreaming of someone stealing a cage from you means that one of your friends or family members will open your eyes. They will point out the mistakes you are making regarding love, business inexperience, or vanity. Only then will you realize that you have overdone it, and you will make sure to listen to their pieces of advice.

To find a cage

If you are dreaming of finding a cage, it means that you will not get a reward for the effort you invest in something. You will strongly believe that hard work, time, and dedication will pay off, but that will not happen. However, don’t lose hope but look for another way to achieve the things you want.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a cage, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a cage

A cage is an object with bars used for depriving people and animals of freedom.

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