Bull – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Bull dream meaning

Bull was a more common motif in dreams in the past. People in urban environments rarely have any contact with these animals which explains why people in rural places dream of them more often, according to statistics.

Meaning of Sun in a Dream

To see a bull in a dream
This dream implies that something is happening in your life. You will make an important decision which you’ve thought through well, but have postponed it for quite some time. That can be related to something that will influence your career, choice of college, master studies, job or personal life. Because of that, it is possible that you will get engaged or married. This is your year. Consider it as a crossroads in your life.

To touch a bull in a dream
This dream symbolizes joy. You will be invited to a celebration that you are looking forward to a lot. Someone close to you will organize that celebration. As soon as you find out that you are invited you will start making plans for your outfit, presents that you will buy and how you will help with preparations.

To kill a bull
Dreaming of killing a bull implies that you will lose a friend. It is possible that a person you’ve trusted will betray you. You will find out from other people that they were spreading lies about you, so you will not want to stay in contact with them. No matter how aware you will be that that is the best decision, you will be sorry for how everything ended. You will think about that person for a long time, while remembering pleasant moments that you’ve spent together. You will not be able to understand what has made them treat you like that.

To ride a bull
This dream suggests that you will avoid troubles. In the following period, you will experience situations that will put your character to the test. Your mental strength will be evident and you will be able to overcome temptations. You will want to focus on nice things in your life, while not giving negative experiences and people any significance. You will believe that everyone can affect their destiny, so you will try to influence yours. An alternative interpretation of a dream that is rarely used suggests that you will experience a love encounter soon.

To feed a bull
You are feeding someone’s ego unnecessarily. By doing that, you are leading that person on the wrong path and they are creating a false image of themselves. It is possible that you are afraid to directly criticize that person, or tell them something they don’t want to hear.

Bull – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Being chased by a bull
This dream warns you of inconveniences. You will risk a lot, which will get you in trouble. You will probably be involved in illegal businesses which may affect your family badly. You will not think about consequences, so you will regret your decisions after you realize what others had to endure because of you.

To hitch a bull
To hitch a bull to a plow suggests that you will be ashamed. You will probably not be able to help someone, which other people will find out. Gossips about you will circulate, so many people will act like you haven’t done anything for them ever. You will be sad that people forget that fast, but you will also try to be there for them when you can.

To buy a bull
You will take over a big responsibility. You will want to do something noble, but you will need help from other people for it. Your possibilities, time and obligations will not let you dedicate as much time to this project as you’ve wanted. You will have to be more realistic, since good intentions only will not be enough for this project.

Bull – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of selling a bull
This dream suggests that you will have to give up your part of the heritage. It is possible that you will be forced to sell something in order to fix your bad financial situation. To give over your part to other inheritors, in order to preserve peace and harmony in your family is another option. You will have a hard time with making a decision in both cases, but you will be aware that you are doing it for a better cause.

To eat bull’s meat
Good health and a long life. People think that you are a strong and passionate person.

To see a bull mating with a cow
Happiness and prosperity. A business project will pay off, which will bring you gain. This is a good time for business investments.

Bull – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Bull fights
If you are watching bull fights in a dream, it means that you will have different opinions from someone of the same sex. That person is probably close to you. A fight will be short-termed and it will not leave a scar on your relationship.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen a bull recently that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a bull

Bull is a grown male from the family of Bos. It is also one of 12 astrological signs.

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