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Bladder – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Bladder dream meaning

It means that you should visit a doctor. You have probably been feeling some symptoms that are worrying you for a while, but you are self-diagnosing and searching for meds on the Internet.

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You should stop doing that and go for a detailed checkup. It is possible that exhaustion has affected your body. Your priority should be to change your life habits and start paying attention to your diet, as well as having more physical activity in your everyday life.

To see your bladder on the ultrasound

Dreaming of seeing your bladder on the ultrasound means that you could have troubles at work. It is possible that your boss will assign you with many chores and you will be afraid that you will not have enough time to finish them before a deadline. You will have to stay in late, or even work during weekends and holidays.

All of it will exhaust you and at some point, you will start to wonder if all of it is worth your health. However, your motivation will be the need for money. Good news is that you will be able to finally relax and take a break after this difficult period.

Bladder – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To see someone else’s bladder on the ultrasound

When you see someone else’s bladder in a dream, it means that you will be worried for a loved one. Someone from your family will probably admit to you that they are having health issues. You will have to persuade them into going to the doctor first, and then you will make sure that they know how supportive you are of them in those difficult moments.

To have UTI

Dreaming of having UTI symbolizes repressed anger. It is possible that you have recently had an argument with someone and you didn’t manage to articulate your beliefs and opinions properly. That conversation has had a strong impression on you, which made you think about possible comebacks for a long time.

You will have to make peace with the fact that the time to do so has passed, so you should turn to other things. Otherwise, dreams with similar meaning might come more frequently.

Dreaming of other people having UTI

When you dream of someone you know having UTI, it means that you will be there for your loved ones, if they end up in trouble. One of your friends might tell you that they are having a divorce, so you will decide to be at their service whenever they need you. This can be related to helping someone move or assisting with house chores.

To have bladder cancer

Those who were recently at the doctor’s office or who suffer from certain health issues usually have these dreams. They usually represent the result of something that has left an impression on you while being at the hospital.

If you dream of having bladder cancer, it means that you will face some unexpected expenses. It is possible that you will be invited to a wedding or some other celebration, so you will have to buy an expensive gift.

Bladder – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

If, however, you dream of being treated for this nasty illness, it means that you will have to sacrifice something that you love, in order to preserve your health. It is possible that your doctor will advise you to get rid of vices or stop eating candy.

To be cured from bladder cancer

Dreaming of being cured from bladder cancer symbolizes relief. You will get rid of a big problem that has been tormenting you lately. A person you least expect to help might be there for you in those moments.

To dream of other people having bladder cancer

When you dream of other people suffering from this illness, it implies that you will lend money to someone who will not be able to give it back. On one hand, you will be happy for helping a friend, but on the other, you will regret your decision, since you need money desperately, as well. You will learn to say no, even when your consciousness is saying yes.

If you dream of someone else being treated for bladder cancer, it means that an elderly person will give you a good advice. Thanks to them, you will do the right thing that could bring you a lot of success in the future.

Dreaming of other people being cured from cancer

If you dream of someone else who is cured from bladder cancer, it means that your wish will come true. It is possible that you will be able to afford something that you have been fantasizing of for a long time, or that your friend or a partner will throw a big surprise party for you. It is also possible that you will plan a trip to a destination that you never visited before, but you’ve always wanted to.

To have bladder surgery

Dreaming of having bladder surgery means that you worry for your health too much. You are visiting the doctor daily. Everyone who works there knows you, so every time they see you, they know that you are having a new illness. You are acting like that because you are afraid of sickness and death.

You believe in a saying ‘Better safe than sorry’, so you don’t find it difficult to consult a specialist about every small symptom. While some people believe that you are exaggerating and testing your luck unnecessarily, others admire your persistence and responsibility.

Dreaming of other people having bladder surgery

This dream suggests that you will hear good news from abroad. If you are planning on going there for work, it is possible that you will find out that you got a visa. On the other hand, news could be related to one of your family members who live abroad. They might tell you that they have found a better job, bought a property or even that they are expecting a child.

Bladder – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

These dreams are followed by dreams in which you see urine. For a detailed interpretation of those dreams, read the article ‘What does it mean to dream of urine’.

If you have recently had an ultrasound or forgot to go to the bathroom before falling asleep, these dreams shouldn’t be interpreted. The same rule should be applied if you have read about it in newspapers or watched a documentary about this topic on TV.

Definition of a bladder

The bladder (Latin vesical urinaria) is a muscular and elastic organ found in the mammalian pelvis. It collects urine from kidneys and eliminates it.

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